Construction Steel and Timber

ACME has a large volume of inventory that is constantly changing. In order to best serve your needs, we are constantly looking for opportunities to buy, lease or sell construction steel and timber in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and beyond.


Our typical inventory will include a selection of H-Piles in different weights
and lengths in either used or new material.

Pipe Piles

We carry a large selection of Pipe Piles in many diameters and lengths. Since our selection is constantly changing, call for a list of our current inventory. We usually carry sections of large diameter drill casings as well.

Z Sheet Steel

We carry hot rolled Z sheets as well as cold formed Z sheets. You will find Z sheets appropriate for use on land or in water.

Wide Flange Beams

We carry a large number of beams in many grades and weights either used or custom ordered new ones.

Steel Plates

Steel traffic plates can be rented or purchased in various sizes and thicknesses.

Shore Towers

When a structure needs extra support during construction, we carry “PAFCO” 100 Kip / Leg shore towers to handle the load.

Flat Sheet Piling

We store a large quantity of used flat sheet piling.